carimar malmédy mit en lumière par hugo neumann


After the satisfaction met by the management of this well known company in the world of Tiles, without forgetting the architects and "facility manager", of the CARIMAR company, located in Braine l'Alleud, our new mission was to create an athomsphere adapted to this new point of sales located in Malmédy.

The challenge was very interesting considering the data received to solve this equation.

The visibility of the surfaces, both inside and outside, caught our full attention.  We also had to pay attention to the total budget, which led us to study a more classical concept of track-mounted projectors, while playing subtly with the angles of the beams.  Color intensity and rendering play a predominant role.  There is no point in overexposing a work of art as much as a wall surface made of the most beautiful Italian mosaics...

The main facade and its visuals are highlighted by "asymmetrical" beamlines from the Italian manufacturer LINEALIGHT, located in the Venice area.

The rails and projectors come from the same manufacturer. For the fine-tuning of one of the zones, we have entrusted the task to small projectors from the manufacturer BRUCK equipped with lamp SORAA 9°, 3.000°K & 4.000°K, some of them equipped with filters and anti-glare honeycomb grid.

The entrance with "its decompression zone" welcomes two luminous sculptures designed by the architect Zaha Hadid.  This creation is produced by the Italian manufacturer SLAMP located in Rome.

The meeting room presents a creation of the architect Liebeskind also produced by the company SLAMP.

Out of the box lighting fixtures from the collection KARMAN combined with the general lighting of the common areas brings the desired surprise.  These commons present a sink that needed to be cared for by a precise light approach. For this, we opted for a solution using dynamic white light with the MARS IQ WHITE profile from the German manufacturer LED LINEAR.  Some small ceiling lights, the CRANNY of the German manufacturer BRUCK, completed the zone.

A cocktail of 5 brands to reach the total satisfaction of the client.

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We invite you to read the article published in the specialized press on the previous realization in Braine l'Alleud.  The journalist talks about our light approach...

polycaro press article on carimar and light from hugo neumann


Kundalini choisi par Gauthier Poulain


gauthier poulain

Thanks to the Interior Architect and Designer, Gauthier Poulain, for his selection of our light tools.

A subtle choice in the collection KUNDALINI with a composition of the famous KUSHI.

GET lighting concept by hugo neumann



A glass facade backlit by rgb projectors equipped with a diffusion "blade" filter.

A project that has not taken a wrinkle! It still dates from 2005 ...




BEKAERT Headquarter “whaouw effect” with Sattler!
Interior Architect Patric Deknock in collaboration with our Light Team have chosen SATTLER light tools solution to beautify the headquarter of BEKAERT in Belgium.

Interior Designer : A & B Deknock Patric nv
Rings Light Tools : Sattler Lighting

Meeting room in Brussels

A production made 100% in Germany. It would be better to call it Light Sculptures instead of Lighting fixtures or even Lighting Tools.

Circular lights bigger than 3,5m diameter, with or without acoustic function, Rectangular with organic details, suspended garden incorporated to the structure.

A unique collection that will create the "whoa" effect you are looking for, and this with the ultimate "Class".

Design by Global

Photos © Marc Detiffe

European Parliament

Copyright – European Union – EP -2016

Within the framework of the European parliament’s VIP entrance refurbishment, three Circolo suspensions (brand: SATTLER) of different diameters are installed at different heights in the lobby whereas one Luce Verde Anello suspension (brand: SATTLER) is located at the heart of the safety lock.

Lighting Design : Hugo Neumann

Architect : CERAU

Copyright – European Union – EP -2016