Your Light Future Proof

Imagine a team of research departments that study technical lighting solutions that are fully customised to meet your project requirements. Cutting edge know-how in LED technology that guarantees quality, sustainability, and efficiency in any situation. A group of companies that is organised into a flexible network of technologies and skills, capable of dealing with each step of the process to create products for all demands with 100% Italian quality. Together with Linea Light Group all your ideas come to light.


The Linea Light Group success in the lighting market is based on real values that make the difference: experience and innovation, a global outlook matched with typical Italian craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and artisan precision. In order to face the challenging complexities of the world in which we live, this philosophy researches, develops and implements original solutions, in harmony with architecture, nature and people. The idea of the designer is realised in a high-quality, long-lasting product.


A clear imprint, characterized by the ability to discover, research and test innovative solutions and technologies. The Linea Light Group was among the first companies in Europe to specialise in LED technology, a perfect response to energy and lighting efficiency, color fidelity and versatility in every project. All concepts turn into integrated applications, from electronics to mechanics, from optics to design. Every single component is designed starting from the source and manufactured with the aim to achieve optimum performance of the finished product.


The Linea Light Group has chosen to maintain its factories in Italy, keeping tradition and the values of quality and research, typical of the best “Made in ltaly” manufacturing. Since its inception in 1976, the Linea Light Group has continued to grow and gain more knowledge and expertise: a conscious growth supported by a technological know-how and consistent intuition that has anticipated new trends in technology and in the market. Everything is developed internally: from the rigorous selection of the diodes, to the manufacture of semi-finished parts, to assembly and logistics. The process involves hundreds of professional, motivated and flexible, capable of customising products, to be used anywhere around the world.


In an age when ideas are bound to production and standardization of logic, the Linea Light Group has succeeded in developing a market-oriented approach to give imagination room to grow, and returning creativity to the designers, with every means possible. Specialised departments work in sync to achieve a technological high-performance product: 85 people are assigned to the R&D department and follow every aspect from product engineering to prototyping, from optics design to photometrics analysis.