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In 1967, Sammode developed its emblematic luminaire: the TFH or "Hermetic Fluorescent Tube". It looks very simple - a tubular envelope sealed at each end by a stainless steel flange - but in reality it benefits from a sophisticated technique that forges a perfectly identifiable aesthetics. Relevant and efficient, this industrial product will quickly become a cult item. With nearly 50 years of experience in industrial lighting, Sammode now offers this expertise to the general public, interior designers and decorators, for niche and prestige projects, with the creation of a specific range of luminaires with timeless lines, under the Sammode Studio label.

All these creations have been entirely redesigned for more domestic, more architectural uses: luminous comfort, quality of light, choice of power, fixing systems, functionality... From ambient lighting to security lighting, they are available in different types: wall, ceiling or suspension. They are named: Bendz, Cézanne, Cherubini, Coulomb, Dix, Elgar, Musset and Rimbaud.

sammode studio présenté par hugo neumann


Sammode launches today the MOD spot lighting range, the result of a fruitful collaboration with the German designer Stefan Diez.

sammode studio présenté par hugo neumann


Suspended, surface mounted or on a rail, recessed in the ceiling or wall, the MOD luminaire can cover a multitude of situations and applications, from the most common to the least classic. Thanks to this new typology with its exceptional modularity, Stefan Diez imagines not just another spotlight, but an innovative system that he calls The Universal Tool Box.

« A luminaire is an essential object, because the light it will produce will be responsible for the atmosphere of a place. When I design a lamp, my goal is not to compete for the title of "most beautiful model". I am interested in the light as such: Which lamp will I design that will change the atmosphere or, conversely, which atmosphere I will generate by creating such a lamp? »


sammode studio présenté par hugo neumann

Sammode reissues a selection of lighting fixtures imagined in the 1950s by one of the leading French designers: Pierre Guariche.

If there is a field in which he excelled, it is the luminaire. The designer and interior architect Pierre Guariche is one of the most prolific creators of the 1950s. This is evidenced by his fruitful collaboration with the lamp publisher Disderot, of which he was, at that time, the appointed designer and for which he developed more than forty specimens that marked their era.

Pierre Guariche has designed a complete range of luminaires or, more precisely, "families" - desk lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, suspension lamp...-, which meet all the identified needs of each space. Its luminaires offer great comfort of use - no light source is visible - and an ideal quality of light: general or traffic lighting, ambient or spot lighting, soft or powerful, even diffused by reflection.

That Sammode chooses to reissue some of these models today is anything but a coincidence. For many years now, our aesthetic and technological quest has been reminiscent of the one advocated by Guariche in the past. The affinities are legion. In particular, they have a name: innovation.

Man has invented a wide variety of devices: swivel pendulum, cantilever, swivel or tilting stem, articulated arm with ball joints and counterweight spheres... At home: no free design, no unjustified detail, either technically or functionally.

Pierre Guariche has set up the codes of a radical, if not avant-garde, aesthetic. On the one hand, pure lines and new shapes. On the other hand, an innovative technical dimension and an intelligence of materials, especially for metal. Designer-manufacturer, Sammode puts at the service of this new collection its industrial expertise in the manufacture of lighting fixtures, in particular the accuracy of the lighting and a deep knowledge of metal work.

Faithful to the original design and integrating contemporary technologies, the models signed Sammode - Pierre Guariche benefit, like all the Sammode luminaires, from an exceptional quality of realization and a French manufacturing.