Editions Serge Mouille présentées par Hugo Neumann

"French publisher of a French designer."

Serge Mouille settled in Monthiers, in the south of the Aisne, in 1963, and it is only a few kilometres from his village that Editions Serge Mouille® (ESM) is now working on the production of his works. Pursue yes, rather than re-publish, because if the development of ESM is recent, its history, already long, draws on the roots, philosophy and projects of Serge Mouille himself.

A family and independent company, Editions Serge Mouille® was created in 1999 by Gin Mouille, Serge's widow, and Claude Delpiroux. Unfortunately Gin left us in June 2009 and Claude in October 2016. It is his son Didier who is now in charge of continuing the adventure.

From the beginning, it is a question of working in the respect of the artisanal spirit to which the creator was very attached and in conformity with the originals, as much on the forms, dimensions and colors. Preferring that his creations retain the quality of the work and hand finishing, because Serge Mouille had never wanted to switch to industrial production.

The search for authenticity, the respect of the original work, the know-how and the manufacturing process are and remain one of the founding values of Editions Serge Mouille®.