stop covid 19

UVC – UVA – Ti02 against virus?

For about a year now, some of our clients, specifiers, corporates and even decision makers from the public sectors, are asking us if we could propose some “labelled – patented” solutions using UVAUVC led light solutions.

As our Light Passion friends, we knew the technology, some of the “chips” producers, but none “Real Trustful Solutions Provider”.

After weeks of research, lectures, advices, meeting in person or with a lovely “Zoom-Team-Skype-WhatsApp…” We decided to sign agreements with Italian & French companies.  Thanks to those agreements, We may provide you some “trustful-labelled-patented & tested PRODUCTS”.

All those complimentary products compose the new “HUGO NEUMANN UVA-UVC Range of approved disinfection’s tools”, all developed, engineered, and produced in Europe!

We would be delighted to listen to your needs.  On the top of this, all those solutions are “Connected” in standard or, as an option proposed by our technical services with a CASAMBI ecosystem proposal.

If you are interested to discover those solutions, just come by.  We have all the range in demonstration.  And this, is better than a thousand words...

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