Rispal présentée par Hugo Neumann en exclusivité en Belgique et Luxembourg


New forms and new shapes

For our pleasure and yours, HUGO NEUMANN has just signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Belgium and Luxembourg with the iconic RISPAL brand from Paris.

Our goal is to create a network of selected dealers who will be proud to pass on the magnificent history of this iconic French manufacturer such as Serge Mouille.

RISPAL's main objective is to reissue for the first time the iconic creations of the Rispal company. But we also want to make sure that the brand is part of the future with the edition of new models designed by Douglas Mont. Luminaries that respect the spirit and the historical DNA of the brand. As a tribute to the avant-garde of the Formes Nouvelles catalog.

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Septima revient grâce à louis Poulsen pour notre plus grand plaisir Une merveille de Poul Henningsen est de retour.

Septima by Poul Henningsen

PH Septima

Louis Poulsen brings back Poul Henningsen’s sophisticated seven-shade glass crown, based on the PH Septima 5 with optimized suspension and enhanced glass for better endurance and stability.  A timeless beauty is back...

septima exposé dans les showrooms de hugo neumann

When exhibited for the first time as a prototype at the Danish Museum of Decorative Art (called now the Designmuseum Danmark) in 1928, the poetic piece was publically applauded.

septima is coming back with louis poulsen

Today we have the great pleasure to announce that we will have a model on display in our showrooms very soon.

septima is coming back with louis poulsen

The PH Septima is regarded as one of Poul Henningsen’s most refined pendants.

septima is coming back with louis poulsen

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