9010 New Catalog has arrived

The Italian manufacturer 9010 Belfiore presents its new products in a completely redesigned 2021 catalog.

A new catalog that will make "history" by the simplicity of the presentations of this range of products, using recycled and recyclable materials, "made in Italy", in short circuit.

In our facilities in Wauthier-Braine, we present you this collection "interior" and "exterior" which will surprise you by its diversity and its complementarity.

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kundalini presented by hugo neumann


The Italian manufacturer KUNDALINI presents its new products in a completely redesigned 2021 catalog.

A vintage that will make history by the quality of the images of the applications of their creations.

The new products will soon be installed in our showrooms.

Stay tuned...

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Karman 2021 news by hugo neumann


Karman les nouvelles collections 2021 avec un catalogue général totalement nouveau !

Once is not usual, the Italian manufacturer KARMAN surprises us by unveiling its latest creations.

Subtle, soft, inventive, surprising, poetic are some of the words we could use to describe these new models.  We are not only presenting you with new products in a brochure, but directly in a brand new 2021 general catalog!  And as it is never enough, Karman unveils a new brochure for their outdoor lighting collection...

Karman amazes us, surprises us and makes us dream in a world of rough and contrasts.

Come and discover them by travelling for a few moments in the KARMAN world...

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