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The ASSAR-architecture office in temporary association with the BEG & GREISCH ENGINIERIE office has achieved a technical and architectural feat by bringing together all the installations and hospitalization activities of the current sites (Cavell & Leopold) into a single new building of 95,059 m².

The lighting designer Véronique Marijn, in collaboration with the Assar office team, led the light approach of this Edith Cavell Inter-regional Hospital Center – C.H.I.R.E.C.

The team of Hugo Neumann participated in this realization by finding the appropriate light tools and sought after by the architects and lighting designer.

A selection of German manufacturer Sattler rings were chosen to highlight and enhance the reception and registration areas.

We thank the Assar team for their trust.

Saint Michel Hospital second phase

Architect: FRONTON ARCHITECTURE – Alain Delogne

Lighting Design : Hugo Neumann

A selection of Lighting Tools from :

  • iLèD

Saint Michel Hospital