Louis Poulsen Autumn News 2018

A classic continues to thrive on change

A true icon never stops reinventing itself, and Poul Henningsen’s PH Artichoke has proven to be no exception. Since Henningsen designed the widely celebrated pendant in 1958, it has made itself at home all over the world, taking on new expressions with every new finish in interiors both classic and modern.

This year, Louis Poulsen celebrates the design’s 60th anniversary with a beautiful new brushed brass edition.


A perfect circle lights the way

The new Flindt Wall joins the popular Flindt Bollard to bring expressive illumination and thoughtful design to indoor and outdoor spaces. Based on the same carved-out concept as the cylindrical Flindt Bollard, the wall-mounted Flindt Wall continues the elegant form language in the shape of a circle.

The slim, elliptical lamp has a floating appearance that, paired with the warm glow, creates a soothing and welcoming atmosphere wherever it shines.

Mid-century elegance to brighten modern spaces

Today, six decades after its first unveiling, Poul Henningsen’s celebrated PH 5 pendant remains Louis Poulsen’s bestselling design: a testament to the revolutionary nature of Henningsen’s work to shape light.

Now, in celebration of one of Henningsen’s most iconic design, Louis Poulsen is releasing both versions in commemorative editions that pair copper and white shades.


Enigma radiates chic sophistication in black version

The bold Enigma pendant’s original white/aluminum design now has a stunning black counterpart.

The new black Enigma creates a serene interior ambiance as it shapes and channels light. Its bold silhouette and soft, controlled illumination make it ideal in entryways, hallways, above the dining room table, and in living areas.