Light Cognitive

Hugo Neumann was a pioneer in LED? We could say “yes”!

18 years ago, we came with RGB LED based lights solutions and a few years later, the first “retro-fit MR16 white light lamp” & a full range of projectors.
We did it again in 2009 in presenting the first cold phosphor led range.

Today, after launching CoeLux Srl a few months ago, we closed a deal with another unique company, Light Cognitive !

We can say that we close 2018 with the most advanced scientific approach if you are looking for light derived & inspired from Nature!
We can say, with all our humility and a bit of proud, that our company not only understand the scientific approach of circadian rhythm based led light solutions, but also presents to the Belgian and Luxembourg markets the most actual advanced producers you can found. Both now in our family of exclusivity distributed Light Solutions.

Let us inspire you with our Light! Let us make you feel better at work, at home, everywhere you must stay and leave between walls!
The future is bright as a blue Sky!