Light Cognitive creates premium lighting solutions for personal wellbeing and performance. Big Sky®, Light Cognitive’s lead product, produces a dynamic natural sky light view, in all its hues, from dawn to dusk. Like a window, Big Sky® allows to enjoy long clear days even when the real days are short or cloudy and to create unique experiences for workplaces, hospitality and home. Light Cognitive’s Limitless Sky technology enables to configure Big Sky® for custom installations. Big Sky®’s modern look-and-feel, mesmerizing light and smart automation features make it a highly aspirational product. Light Cognitive benefits from the scientific expertise of Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Steven Lockley.


Light has a strong link to our wellbeing. Circadian lighting like Big Sky® promotes recovery, healthy sleep-wake cycle and your holistic wellbeing.


Light inspired by nature. Big Sky® invites you to experience the natural hues and cycles of the day from dawn to dusk.


Big Sky® light programs are fully customizable and offer wide programmability potential and ease-of-use with an intuitive user interface.


We want to bring beautiful light and clear skies to everyone’s reach. Big Sky® brings natural light indoors, where we spend most of the day.