c-led grow light exclusively distributed by hugo neumann

The right & precise light whatever the growing set-up

C-LED started building their lighting know-how over twenty years ago, when they began developing electronic applications with a specific focus on the LED technology that has, for many years now, been changing the way light is designed, opening up new horizons also in the area of cultivation.

Every plant species has specific needs. Each plant has specific light intensity / type requirements.

How can you get the best performance from your plants?  The only way is to choose a solution's provider that based all their light tools on a scientific approach.  C-LED is one of the most advanced European company that developed for your business this approach, all "Hand Made in Italy"!

C-LED understand the plants and provide you with the right solution that has been scientifically developed and engineered.

C-LED studies the correct recipe for each type of plant, at every stage of its growth.

C-LED counts on a highly experienced research team: the company provides scientists and researchers at universities and research facilities with constant close support and they, in turn, support C-LED in developing cutting-edge products.

C-LED continuously invests to ensure their lighting proposals are, always, state-of-the-art. Through careful differentiation of lighting spectra, they are able to get the very best out of every crop, for greenhouse farming or indoor.


For the Changing Retail Landscape or for the one that want to present a revolutionary grow "plug & play" unit, C-LED joined forces with CEFLA !

We present you the "In-store Grow Unit" by C-LED and Cefla Shopfitting for indoor growing

A Smart Shelving System by Cefla Shopfitting, your reliable retail partner for over 60 years, transformed into a self-sufficient in-store fresh vegetable farm thanks to C-LED's innovative LED lighting technology.

The future of food : farm-fresh from retail shelves.

cefla & c-led with hugo neumann present a full plug and play grow unit

Natural, controlled growing

Microgreens grow on shelves thanks to innovative LED lighting technology.

  • Scientifically tested light spectrum.
  • Enhanced production of nutritional compounds in greens.
  • Year-round growing.
  • Minimal energy expenditure.

Zero-effort, easy to use!

Pre-seeded trays are nourished through closed-circuit system.

  • Irrigated on a closed cycle.
  • Automatic ventilation.
  • Minimal employee intervention.

On-site microgreen farming provides the perfect opportunity to communicate relevancy in the changing retail landscape where consumers demand high-quality, fresh, sustainable produce. Microgreens are the perfect crop.

This solution gives a unique client's experience.  This will be, not only an eye catcher but also a clear message on how you react on our global earth sustainability challenge.

We will provide you a very broad variety of "pads" that can be stored up to 3 years before being used.  Those "pads" will be available directly "on-line" or through a normal "e-mail" order.

We can also assist you for the installation with our team.  So you won't miss anything and be ready to become a real "21 century" ecological farmer in your own place.

If you need any other details, just contact us by email or any other means just mentioning "The Grow Unit".