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Today, we could say:
"This is where we have arrived".
Instead, we look at the world with curiosity and say
"Where are we going?"

BELFIORE was founded in 1968 in Nove, in the heart of Veneto. Its beginnings saw the production of handmade ceramics in a region rich in raw materials and ceramic manufacturing.

In the 80s, the company entered the world of lighting with the first models of ceramic wall lights.

In 2011, BELFIORE creates 9010, which brings together its experience and dynamism. 9010 enters the architectural lighting market with impetus, establishing itself for its innovative philosophy and a wide range of products supported by several patents.

9010 BELFIORE uses innovative, unique and patented materials!

9010 materials by hugo neumann

CRISTALY® a unique material in the world

The all-Italian revolution with incredible technical features that have made the range of lighting products distinctive and recognizable. CRISTALY® is environmentally friendly :

Chemically inert, hypoallergenic, composed of non-toxic elements which, even in case of fire, do not develop harmful fumes. Its unique structure gives it a natural repulsion to dust. CRISTALY® products are entirely made in Italy, do not require specific maintenance, are certified according to CE standards and comply with the highest quality standards in the lighting market.

Each product is carefully crafted in our historic premises in November (VI), and every surface or color detail is a testament to their uniqueness and meticulous craftsmanship.



Exclusive recessed lighting with high quality acoustic components included, maximum versatility, to achieve a pleasant visual effect thanks to the fully recessed electrical and acoustic equipment. Thanks to these exclusive components, 9010novantadieci offers an extensive collection that integrates perfectly into interiors. The SONORE® collection is entirely made in Italy, from the raw materials to the audio components: CRISTALY® combines with the excellent acoustics of harman/kardon® systems for complete sensory immersion.

Alumite® : Aluminum alloy

ALUMITE® is a special aluminum alloy with innovative characteristics of lightness, brightness and resistance to atmospheric agents, exclusively in 9010 products.

The highly resistant and luminous 9010novantadieci products in ALUMITE® are made in Veneto, by trusted and consolidated suppliers, chosen specifically for their proficiency in the sector.


BETALY® Proudly handmade

Nature gives us a raw material that is concretely practical and can be used for any type of outdoor space. It combines the strength of the materials and the lightness of the forms, versatility and a design with character. BETALY® by 9010 is a compound that makes each object unique, thanks to its distinctive handcrafted finish. The surface of each item is and must be unique, because its superior quality lies in its exceptional singularity. It is an important new material with a daring craftsmanship that immediately personalizes a space and allows the user to enjoy the distinctive sinuosity of the shapes designed by 9010's designers.

BETALY® Creations

9010 takes the richness of a crafty past and transforms it into a vessel for something completely new: a high-performance material suitable for outdoor spaces.

BETALY® 9010 is developed by applying treatment technologies with high performance water-based polymers, without solvent content, while respecting health and the environment.


The 9010 lighting products are the result of the relationship between the poetry of light and the strength of cement, and they are sure to impress.

Each product is carefully crafted in our historic Nove (VI) facility, and every surface and color detail is a testament to their uniqueness and meticulous craftsmanship.