Volatiles are unique, ultra-thin LED modules. About the size of your palm, they are no thicker than a matchbox. Hidden from view behind a sophisticated glass mosaic, they create tantalizing light scenes for your home or office space.


Volatiles modules can display a myriad of colors and, if so desired, a different color per tile. Create endless variations of enchanting compositions that make your home design unique! And there is more: every tile is sensitive to touch so you can modify the color with your fingertips or use your hands to draw patterns on your illuminated wall.


Volatiles are very simple to operate. By using our mobile app (iOS or Android) and a wifi-connection, the light modules can be controlled via smart phone. You can also operate the light module via EnOcean or voice smart home systems like Amazon Echo. Some functions also work via touch. With just one click, you can change the setup of your light scenes entirely.


Symphonies of color and subtle, moving patterns will create a calm and relaxed atmosphere for your everyday living. Impress yourself, your friends as well as your customers and business partners with this unique, extraordinary interior design.


Volatiles can be set up flexibly in size, shape and color on your walls or ceilings. Apart from the basic small square module, everything else can be arranged according to your own taste: whether the whole wall, a trim or as a frame design, whether in vivid colors, classic chic in white or even transparent – choose everything exactly how you envision it.


Neither special racks, nor complex alterations are needed to install Volatiles modules, thus saving time and expenses. All you need is a power supply and a WiFi-connection to control the lighting modules. Everything else is fully integrated into the small device itself. Thus Volatiles do not need much space and can be installed in almost any place you want.


Thanks to the latest generation LED technology, our Volatiles lighting modules are highly energy efficient and very long lasting. An intelligent software considerably lowers energy consumption in stand-by mode. In addition, our range of smart sensors can help reduce energy consumption even further. Therefore, our lighting mosaic does not only have emotional and aesthetic, but also economic appeal.


Light fixtures are no longer limited to traditional forms based on light bulbs. Nowadays, they can be seamlessly integrated into any surface of our homes, be this on walls, ceilings and even floors. The LED technology offers an incredible potential to develop innovative lighting technology. As providers of high-end, original lighting modules and lighting controls, Volatiles have paved the way for intelligent, planar lighting. Together with our clients, we develop individual modules that quickly turn static surfaces into interactive lighting scenes. A leader in innovative planar lighting controls, we are able to generate interactive content for every type of connected LED lighting device. –


Volatiles lighting modules can be installed in any desired place indoors, not only in your bathroom or spa. Be inspired by our portfolio that illustrates the vast possibilities of applications. We would love to assist you in finding the perfect lighting design for your home or office space.